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A robot potency does not assure!

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mchugh's rule for success (not that i am successful) for doctors....one wife (if possible), one city, one practice

If you see the nerves better with the robot and “you spared them” why is it then that people still have erection issues? Why is that to date there is no better success rate shown by the robot vs traditional open prostatectomy? The following is quite good.

Look at the next video…does it appear that they actually see “the nerves” or they where they would be? Can you see a “nerve.” If they think they see the nerves, then do they see the “subvisual” branches that then go to the prostate? I think not. And that is why there is so much variance in how people do after a “nerve sparing ” prostatectomy. There is still a lot we don’t understand and I am bit disappointed in surgeons that announce to their patients,” I spared your nerves.” I think it would be fairer to say, ” I feel very…

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You’re gonna find her in a field
Probably over by a lake
Sniffing underneath a bush
Life could never be so straight

Now she’s in the city streets
What I call my city girl
Panting in this goddamn heat
Before we leave she starts to twirl

Chloe’s eyes
They don’t tell
What is wrong
But she knows
She ain’t home

Yes, she meets me right outside
Shakes it off at the front door
Making sure the coast is clear
Before she sleeps on my tile floor

We’re using hands as pillows now
We throw it right back on the shelf
She wouldn’t use us anyway
If we tried to lend our help

Chloe’s eyes
They don’t tell
What is wrong
But she knows
She ain’t home

John McHugh M.D.:

If I am going to be impotent I want to look impotent!

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orators become dumb… when beauty speaketh-shakesphere

Okay…one more time. 

  • sex drive is called libido and is dependent on testosterone
  • testosterone is not affected by removing the prostate
  • testosterone is produced by the testicles and gets into the body through the blood stream independent of the prostate
  • potency is the ability to get an erection
  • an erection after prostatectomy is a function of sparing the nerves
  • a prostatectomy does not affect the testicles or the level of the males hormones or testosterone
  • it is possible to have a very high libido and not have the ability of having an erection (which can happen after any treatment of prostate cancer)
  • fertility is the ability to have children which is unrelated to potency or libido…but will go away with a prostatectomy but may not with radiation of the prostate

So…In answer to the search question…Sex drive or libido which is hormonally driven… will…

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What about the 30,000 who die?

Are you saying that no one can be diagnosed early enough to cure or that it is not cost effective to do so?



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cutthoats on the selway river in Idaho- a thousand miles from nowhere

Each fall  for about 15 years some friends and I went hiking and fishing out west to some of the nicest trout waters and areas in the world. Above is one of my favorite pictures. On this particular occasion we were in Idaho on the Selway river in the Bitteroot Wilderness very near where Lewis and Clark traversed in the early 1800”s.  Several things about this picture. One to get to this spot we flew in by bush plane and then hiked three or so days with backpacks to get to about three miles from this spot. Me and one of my of fellow fisherman hiked the additional  several miles from our base camp with just our fly rods to get to there. The fisherman there is me…the rod is a Orvis 5 wt. fly rod with a Battenkill real and 3 lb. tippet. I was using “terrestrials” or “hoppers” that I had tied before the trip. What you…

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Gainesville/Northeast Georgia Urological- Vasectomy Madness 2014!

Get a no needle no scalpel vasectomy during March Madness and get a free pizza and a frozen bag of peas!

Watch all the games while recovering with your wife’s blessing.

John McHugh M.D.:

Increased awareness and early detection is the name of the game for any cancer.

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its not that opportunity doesn't knock...folks just don't answer the door

The above picture was taken last year almost to the day in Orange Beach, Alabama. I remember the day vividly. My wife and I went to the beach and for almost every minute of the day construction vehicles were working and making noise just outside our condominium. It was comical how loud and persistent the noise and activity was. BP was paying money for the clean up and Orange Beach was using every penny of it looking for tar balls. We would see workers shift sand all day and from what we could tell from our balcony and on our walks very little was being found. It looked very “governmental to me.”

Anyway, just before I had left Gainesville a patient who had been diagnosed with prostate cancer with a high Gleason score had had a bone scan. I was concerned about it. The patient and his wife became…

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