GreenLight Laser Surgery to Beethoven’s 9th Symphony?
The “Joy” of a laser compared to the standard TURP.

Prostate diaries

green light before and after

When I began my urological practice in Gainesville, Georgia 27 years ago the standard surgical procedure for the prostate was a T.U.R.P. (Some patients refer to the procedure as having a “roto rooter.”)  This procedure at that time took about an hour, and most patients were admitted to the hospital for 2-3 days. It was often times a bloody procedure and as a result patient’s were advised after the procedure to not do any strenuous activity for about a month because of risk of bleeding.

The GreenLight Laser usually takes about half the time of a T.U.R.P. because there is very little bleeding and there are no chips (shaving of the prostate tissue which a T.U.R.P. results in) to irrigate out of the bladder and there is very little bleeding for which the surgeon to contend. In addition this can be done as an out patient, and the catheter remains usually for only one day. The limitations regarding post…

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The Real Prostate Cancer Second Opinion-That’s Right…I don’t have a dog in your fight!

If you understand all the questions and their implications posed in the following two exercises you will be well on your way to making the decision best suited to you. The Worksheet begins the R…

Source: McHugh Decision Worksheet/Cheatsheet

The prostate cancer “real” second opinion. I don’t have a dog in this fight!


There is no free ride in the decision ramifications in the treatment of prostate cancer. Do your due diligence “before” the treatment. What complications can you bear the least?

Prostate diaries


I think there are some pretty unhappy and angry people on both sides. If you got the “rare complication” of either treatment you wish you’d done the other!

If you do bad with surgery you blame the urologist. If you do bad with the radiation you blame the radiation. Big difference.😳

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a wise man doesn’t need advice and a fool won’t take it   The reason the Partin Tables are so important to the lay person making a decision about what to do about his newly di…

Source: when it comes to prostate cancer be suspicious of the word ” Cure “- The Partin Tables reveal why

If you are making a prostate cancer decision regarding treatment and you are unaware of the Partin table…well then you have got a little bit more work to do. Ask your doctor the implications of this in “your case.”

Prostate diaries

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