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Source: For prostate cancer the free PSA is helpful, but not fool-proof and is only one of the arrows in your prostate cancer decision making-quiver.

The invisible gift!

Prostate diaries

Something I give to all my patients who are leaning for the surgical removal of the prostate is a part of a chapter from Patrick Walsh’s book on prostate cancer. It has to do with post-prostatectomy incontinence. The beauty of the piece is that Dr. Walsh thoroughly vets the unpredictable nature of this issue. I have said to patients, “I have done hundreds of these, I do them the exact same way with every precaution regarding continence, but I cannot tell you you will be dry or if you are when that will happen.” The excerpt of this particular chapter makes this point and I feel that giving the couple the article enhances and reinforces this concept. Walsh quotes Osler, “The well wear a crown seen only by the sick.” I love that saying. I get it. You have to be sick once to truly feel it. I have been…

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Do you know where your prostatic urethra is tonight?

The Real…Prostate Cancer Second Opinion

Considering brachytherapy?

Better consider this.


Are you smarter than a fifth grader whose father has had prostate cancer?

Prostate diaries

Please add in the comment section something you did not know and now you do, maybe something you wished you’d known at the beginning of your “decision” process. 

For me in this category would be this….. the robotic removal of the prostate is usually done intraperitoneal and the open method is extraperitoneal. This means that the anastomosis is done differently and many times means that the robotic method takes longer for the continence to return. This is purely anecdotal, but the patients in whom I have removed the prostate open seem to return to continence much sooner. I personally did alright but was surpised and a bit worried that it took three months for me to become dry. I am very grateful to be dry, very but it was dicey there for a while.

Excerpt from ” The Decision”

Did you know?

  • · You have a higher incidence of bladder…

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A song and movie staring Penelope and a cameo by Tootsie and Brother!

Merry Christmas!

I put this satirical cartoon together years ago and it is interesting that it is as relevant today as then. If you have prostate cancer and considering options…do your homework.  One robot don’t make no show!

Visit Dr. McHugh’s “The Real Prostate Cancer Second Opinion” Website

Just like in golf “a hook won’t listen to damn thing you say” if your biopsy has elements of Gleason’s 8…you’d better sit up and listen.

Prostate diaries

I adore tomatoes and I got prostate cancer. Go figure. ” A favortie post from the past.” (The post most commonly googled!)

Masturbation and Tomatoes Post…another all-time favorite.

If you are betting between a Gleason’s 8 prostate cancer and lycopene……bet on the Gleason’s 8.


Tomatoes could offer hope to prostate cancer victims

By Daily Mail Reporter
Last updated at 9:03 AM on 8th September 2010

New research: A daily serving of tomatoes could protect against prostate cancer, the study suggestsNew research: A daily serving of tomatoes could protect against prostate cancer, the study suggests

A daily serving of tomatoes could protect against prostate cancer and slow the growth of a tumour in an existing sufferer, research suggests.

A study involving mice bred to be genetically susceptible to cancer showed those fed a daily diet rich in tomato extracts were less likely to fall ill – and survived longer if they did.

The findings, published in the journal…

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