There is no fury like a urethra scorned.


The dour physician is repulsive to the well and sick alike.


The good physician treats the disease the great physician treats the patient with the disease.- Osler

Will Rogers said, “I never met a man I didn’t like.”

How can that be?

John McHugh M.D.:

Be kind to your urologist-be like Bill Withers-“Let me give you the news, if it feels this good being used…Then use me up.” Don’t discard the urologist, “use” him.

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Show some loving to the  “biopsy urologist” post. It may behoove you.

I wrote this post some time ago.  I had noticed how many times on the various prostate cancer message boards that patients got their diagnosis, made a decision and then went elsewhere.  In many of the discussions the “biopsy urologist” was never mentioned, a technician so to speak.

A couple of things. Why not keep the lines of communication open with the original urologist? He or she might be a good resource for the future.  In general I don’t think the urologist is “upset,” ” offended,” or “disappointed” if you do something else other than his recommendation, or done by someone else other that him or her. I really believe this, yet I know it’s not true for all.  So no reason to burn a bridge. If you have to go out-of-town to be treated (no matter what the…

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If only in all of our lives…we had the “retro-spectivescope.”


Physicians…don’t take yourself so seriously- God heals the patient and you only render the bill.




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