If you go out of your way to help someone and the effort falls short they will remember the latter and not the former.


Sometimes you just have to “give it right back to em.”

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Why don’t all medical students want to be a urologist?

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Getting a patient to a decision is equally as difficult for the educated as for the unsophisticated: The latter has trouble understanding and the former think they know too much  to listen.

The later you pull a tube the later you have to come back to deal the negative consequence of that action.

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No. 123
Doctors, Pigs, and Incrementalism

incrementalism (noun): A policy or advocacy of a policy of political or social change by degrees: gradualism.
I was thinking about all of the intrusions into the lives and the profession of physicians by the government, insurance companies and hospitals and this joke came to mind. Most everything reminds me of a joke.
An insurance salesman is approaching a house that he intends to call on and notices in the side yard a three legged pig.
He knocks on the door, introduces himself and after talking about insurance for a while, asks the man of the house about the pig.
“So, tell me about that pig you have in your yard. Why does it only have three legs?”
“Oh that pig is very special. Our house caught on fire one night about a year ago and we were all asleep when it happened. That pig realized it and ran through the house oinking real loud to wake everybody up and get them out of the house. He saved the lives of my entire family. That’s one smart pig he is,” says man.
“So, he has only three legs. Did he lose one in the fire saving y’all?” the salesman asks.
“Nooooo,” the man says, “a pig that special you don’t eat all at one time.”

Rule: Yeah, us doctors are real special too. They ain’t gonna eat us either. At least, not all at one time.

Will Rogers said one time: “Be glad you ain’t getting all the government you pay for.”
If he were alive today he’s say: “Be glad you ain’t getting all the government health care you pay for.”

John McHugh M.D.:

Careful for what you wish for.

Originally posted on Prostate diaries:

So… a guy goes into a bar and in front of the bartender on the counter is a tiny little man playing a tiny little piano.

“That’s neat. Where did you get that little fellow?” he asks the bartender.

“There’s a Genie in the closet over there that will grant you wish,” the bartender replies.

The customer goes over to the closet and when he comes out a million ducks start falling from the sky.

“Hey, what’s up with that Genie of yours? I asked for a million bucks, not ducks,” the customer says.

“Well duh?” the bartender says. ” You think I made a wish for a 12 inch pianist?”

Someone reviewed my book on amazon and said it was unprofessional, that the drawings looked like they had been done by a child, the printing was bad, there were no statistics, that it had too many personal stories, that she could…

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